What Do Homeschool Teachers Do?

Homeschooling is gaining momentum amongst families because it offers many perks to families, from a flexible learning environment to the ability to tailor curricula to each child’s unique needs and interests. But one of the best things about homeschooling is that it allows parents to be more involved in their children’s education than if their kids attended traditional schools.

Suppose you’re thinking about homeschooling your children and got to know that parents are the only ones responsible for their child’s education. In that case, you might be wondering what do homeschool teachers do. Or, even if you’re a teacher and thinking of switching to a homeschool teacher, you might wonder what the job entails.

What do homeschool teachers do

What do teachers do?

At the initial level, most parents think they can easily teach their kids at home without professional help, but it’s not a piece of cake for everyone. Parents have many other responsibilities like their job, chores, and taking care of the family, so they can’t always be available to teach their kids every day. That’s where homeschool teachers come in.

There are various ways that homeschool teachers can be involved in the lives of their students and families. Some homeschool teachers work as independent contractors, providing instruction and support to families who are already homeschooling. Others work for companies that offer curricula and materials to homeschooling families. And still, others work for homeschooling co-ops, which are groups of families who pool their resources and teach their children together.

No matter their capacity, though, homeschool teachers all have one thing in common: they are passionate about helping families provide a quality education for their children.

Are you considering reaching out to a homeschool teacher and wondering why!

Here’s a look at some of the critical duties of homeschool teachers:

Creating Lesson Plans

One of the most important things about what do homeschool teachers do is that they create lesson plans. It involves deciding what topics you’ll cover and in what order and finding or creating materials (such as textbooks, worksheets, and hands-on activities) that will help your students learn.

Homeschool teachers also need to be sure to align their lesson plans with the state standards for homeschooling and any other requirements that might be in place (such as standardized testing).

Delivering Instruction

Of course, homeschool teachers also need to teach their students! It involves leading lessons, answering questions, and providing feedback.

homeschooling teachers

Sometimes, homeschool teachers work with just one student or a small group of students. In other cases, they may teach a more extensive class of students from multiple families.

Assessing Student Progress

Another essential duty of homeschool teachers is assessing student progress. It involves giving tests and quizzes, grading papers, and providing feedback to students and families on areas of strengths and weaknesses.

It is an integral part of the homeschooling process, as it helps ensure students learn what they’re supposed to be learning.

Providing Support to Families

In addition to working directly with students, homeschool teachers also need to support families. It might involve offering advice on curriculum choices, helping parents troubleshoot issues, and providing emotional support.

How Much Does A Homeschool Tutor Cost?

The cost of hiring a homeschool teacher will vary depending on their qualifications, experience, and services.

Independent contractors and those who work for companies that provide curriculum and materials typically charge by the hour, with rates ranging from $25 to $50 per hour. On the other hand, homeschooling co-ops usually charge a flat fee that covers the costs of all materials and instruction for the year. This fee is generally divided among all of the families in the co-op.

How Much Does A Homeschool Tutor Cost
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But when you look for homeschool teachers online, you’ll have a vast database from all over the globe to choose from. You can easily decide on the best teacher for your kids and start their education today!

I think online homeschool teachers are the best as you can choose the best from a wide range of options. You can hire experts from other countries that offer affordable hourly charges (around $10-$50).

Retired teachers are also a good option as they are experienced and can be more affordable. You can find them on freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr.

How Do I Start Homeschooling As A Teacher?

Whether you’re a teacher by profession or got retired from your job, or homeschooling your kids effectively and want to expand your passion by teaching to other homeschoolers as well, the fact is that there’s a growing demand for homeschooling teachers.

The best way to become a homeschooling teacher is by starting your homeschooling program. You can do this by partnering with other families in your area or working solo with just one family at a time.

If you decide to go the solo route, you’ll need to create your curriculum and find or create materials for your students. You’ll also need to be sure to align your lesson plans with the state standards for homeschooling and any other requirements that might be in place (such as standardized testing).

If you decide to partner with other families, you can pool your resources and create a more comprehensive homeschooling program. It will make things easier on you, as you won’t have to do everything yourself. You’ll still need to be familiar with the state standards for homeschooling, as well as any other requirements that might be in place.

Teaching homeschoolers online is also a great way to reach more potential students; you can do it from the comfort of your own home. For this sake, you can create your portfolio and profile on online teaching platforms, like Udemy, or WizIQ, to start. You can find clients from Upwork, Facebook groups, and Linkedin.

In addition, there is a platform called MyfavTutor, designed explicitly for connecting tutors with students.

Regardless of which route you choose, becoming a homeschooling teacher can be a rewarding experience. It’s a great way to help students learn in a way that best suits their needs, and it’s also a great way to build strong relationships with families.

What Makes A Good Homeschool Teacher?

What do homeschool teachers do that make them different?

There are a few qualities that all good homeschool teachers share. First and foremost, they must be passionate about teaching. They must also be patient, organized, and creative.

Good homeschool teachers also strongly understand the state standards for homeschooling. They know what their students are required to learn and ensure that their lesson plans are aligned with those standards. They are also flexible and understand that every family is different, and they can tailor their lessons to meet the needs of each student.

If you have a passion for teaching and possess all of these qualities, then becoming a homeschooling teacher might be the right career choice.


Homeschooling is gaining popularity due to its flexible learning environment and personalized approach. Homeschool teachers play a vital role in creating lesson plans, delivering instruction, assessing student progress, and supporting families. The cost of hiring a homeschool teacher varies based on qualifications and services. Online platforms provide a wide range of options, including affordable options from experts around the world. Starting as a homeschool teacher can be done independently or by partnering with other families. Good homeschool teachers are passionate, patient, organized, and creative, and they understand state standards while tailoring lessons to individual students. Becoming a homeschool teacher offers a rewarding experience of helping students learn and building relationships with families.

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