Guide on How to toughen up a sensitive kid?

Sensitive children are more touchy from birth, take criticism too seriously and tear up more often. You might be thinking to change your child’s natural personality but you shouldn’t. Believe me, it’s an asset and you have to take care of it diligently by taking it positively and helping your kid to cope with such challenges.

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Guide on How to toughen up a sensitive kid?

Some parents may find it difficult to raise a child who is sensitive to the feelings of others. Sensitive kids can often be the victims of bullying and they may struggle with self-esteem issues. They may also find it difficult to fit in with their peers.

But the parents can help their children develop resilience by understanding the child’s temperament and then adapting parenting styles accordingly; so that the kid can have good problem-solving skills, optimism, and social competency.

A parent may find it useful to observe how their child interacts with his friends. Does he get along well with peers? Does the child express himself adequately when speaking to people he doesn’t know very well? It’s also helpful for parents to understand what makes their highly sensitive child uncomfortable or distressed so that they can better learn how to toughen up a sensitive kid.

Highly sensitive children are easily overwhelmed by busy environments, loud noises, and large groups. It will help parents to understand what their children find stressful and then adapt to the environment so that it offers a more comfortable setting for them.

It may also be a good idea to talk to the child about how he feels when he’s being bullied so that he can learn how to deal with bullies without giving his power away. Parents can also help their children become more resilient by encouraging them to express themselves verbally.

Underneath, Iā€™m sharing some tips for parents looking for the answer to how to toughen up a sensitive kid. I hope these steps will enable your sensitive kid to have higher self-esteem, optimism, and good social competency.

But before moving towards the main section of this guide, watch this youtube guide by 5-Minutes Fatherhood to help your sensitive kid.

Setting Limits for Sensitive Kids

While parents should encourage creative thinking and avoid limiting their children in any way, there may be times when it is necessary to set limits and don’t be too relaxing

Although flexibility is important, but a bit flavor of toughness and challenge can lead to a tougher and more confident kid.

Parents should make sure not to shield their children from all possible challenges. Sensitive kids need opportunities to explore and learn new skills so that they can build confidence and overcome shyness.

So, Be flexible but! Set the rules…

Offer Support

how to toughen up a sensitive kid

Sensitive kids need the love and support of their parents to help them learn good coping skills. Parents can offer this by engaging in age-appropriate activities with their children, helping them deal with bullies on the playground, and ensuring they don’t take things too personally. They may feel embarrassed or upset when dealing with tough situations, but parents should reassure them that it is okay to feel these things, as difficult as they may be.

P.S: Offer support only to build self-esteem, & do not try to fix the problem.

Teach them “So what?”

Parents should look for teachable moments to help their sensitive kids become more resilient. When an event happens that is likely to leave them feeling anxious or upset, parents should help calm them down and then ask questions like “so what?” The child will learn that even when something bad happens there are ways in which he can move forward.

Moreover, you can suggest actionable replacements for those problems that he/she is facing.

Encourage Expression

encourage expression of your sensitive kid

Parents can encourage their sensitive kids to express themselves verbally. For example, they could ask the child about his experiences at school or what it is that he likes and then listen without judgment. Sometimes all a child needs is an opportunity to get things off his chest so that he feels less anxious. Parents should also teach their children how to process difficult emotions by encouraging them to express their feelings verbally such as through art or writing.

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Reassure Them

One of my favorite ways how to toughen up a sensitive kid is to REASSURE THEM.

Parents should remind their children that they are loved and cared for on a regular basis. This is especially important when a sensitive child feels upset or rejected by his peers or family members, as they may take these negative experiences too personally. Parents should reassure their kids that being teased or ostracized by others doesn’t mean that they are bad or unworthy people.

Parents should encourage their children to develop good coping skills by being supportive and patient while still setting limits when necessary. By offering love, support, and structure in age-appropriate ways, parents will help their sensitive kids become more resilient and equipped to deal with future challenges.

Provide them rewards

As a parent, you also have to practice something that can help your kid to become tough.

The best practice is to change your tone (if you do so!).

For instance, you can rather say, “If you eat veggies in dinner you will be awarded chocolates” instead of saying, “You can’t eat chocolates unless you eat veggies!”.

By creating such a reward system, you can help your kid in achieving milestones.

Teach the control overreactions

This is my last but most important tip.

On the front side, it’s important to understand and respect your kid’s feelings, but as a parent, it’s also necessary for you to teach them control over emotions.

Acknowledge your child that he can’t stop that other person but he is surely in control of himself!

Crying vibes, upset faces & all such emotions can be faded away with simple and consistent practices.

Furthermore, you can suggest some ways or encourage your child to invent his own coping skills; like Hum a song or taking a long deep, and slow breath.


Raising a sensitive child can be a challenge for parents, but there are ways in which they can help. Sensitive children need love and support while also being encouraged to face challenges. Parents should set limits when necessary, but also make sure to offer their children opportunities to express themselves. Reassuring your child that you love them is one of the most important things a parent can do for a sensitive child.

Definitely, resilience comes from the confidence that mom and dad are behind me for support. But raising such children doesn’t mean starting fixing their problems for them as it only results in the bad problem-solving skills of your child.

Instead, Help, Encourage & Support new ways to cope with sensitivity and low self-esteem.

If you found these tips on How to toughen up a sensitive kid useful. Let me know by hitting the comment below.

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