Is homeschooling illegal in Germany?

Is homeschooling illegal in Germany

Homeschooling is legal in most countries around the world. However, there are a few countries where homeschooling is illegal. It is usually because the government feels that children need to be in a formal educational setting to receive a proper education. Let’s look at some of these countries and find out why the government takes … Read more

Do you save money homeschooling? With facts and figures

Do you save money homeschooling

In the United States, the average homeschooling family spends about $600 per year on homeschooling materials and supplies. This is compared to the national average of $11,000 per year that public school students spend. The question arises in the mind of most parents is Do you save money homeschooling? The answer is Yes! Because, when … Read more

Is homeschool expensive? Truth + Financial guide

is homeschool expensive

Parents’ perceptions of public schools have totally changed. The cost of public/private schools has shocked many parents. With the high cost of education in the public and private sectors, homeschooling is becoming a popular alternative for families. With the dozens of perks, benefits, and advantages of homeschooling, the question, Is homeschool expensive? is often asked. … Read more

11 Habits of highly successful homeschoolers

Habits of highly successful homeschoolers

There are millions of homeschoolers around the globe, but not all of them are successful. With that being said, there must be some qualities (aka habits of highly successful homeschoolers) that separate successful homeschoolers from those who aren’t. The question raised in my mind: Why are some homeschoolers more successful? For the past few days, … Read more

How to deal with lying child and why does he lie?

How to deal with lying child

Children lie for many reasons. They may be trying to avoid punishment, get out of trouble, or protect themselves from embarrassment. This doesn’t mean that your child will grow up to be a pathological liar. Even if you have a chronic prevaricator, there are some easy steps that can help you with your concerns regarding … Read more

17 tips on “How to boost a child’s confidence?”

How to boost a child's confidence

Carl Pickhardt, a psychologist says that a kid who lacks confidence will find it hard to try new things because of fear of failure. This thinking of your child can result in slow skill development growth and less critical thinking. With that being said, it’s crucial to raise a confident child because the confident child … Read more

15 tips on how do homeschoolers make friends

how do homeschoolers make friends

Are you a homeschooler looking for friends but wondering how do homeschoolers make friends? Many homeschoolers find this difficult because they don’t go to school, and thus are less interacted with people outside. But it’s not as hard as breaking the rock. Yes… Homeschoolers just have to be a little more creative when it comes … Read more