Guide on How to toughen up a sensitive kid?

guide to help sensitive kid

Sensitive children are more touchy from birth, take criticism too seriously and tear up more often. You might be thinking to change your child’s natural personality but you shouldn’t. Believe me, it’s an asset and you have to take care of it diligently by taking it positively and helping your kid to cope with such … Read more

How to deal with lying child and why does he lie?

How to deal with lying child

Children lie for many reasons. They may be trying to avoid punishment, get out of trouble, or protect themselves from embarrassment. This doesn’t mean that your child will grow up to be a pathological liar. Even if you have a chronic prevaricator, there are some easy steps that can help you with your concerns regarding … Read more

Tips on How to teach table manners to kids

teach table manners to kids

Having dinner or lunch together doesn’t mean just filling the bellies, instead, it’s all about having good interactions and conversations with each other. The same you have to teach your kids Good table manners are an important tool of social behavior and teaching children proper manners is a great way to help them become more … Read more

How to get child to eat fruits and vegetables

get kids to eat healthy

Eating healthy is directly proportional to living happily. It is very important for your kids to eat healthy vegetables and fruits as it impacts their social, emotional, and physical characteristics and this is the reason you’re curious to know the ways “how to get child to eat fruits and vegetables“ Not only for kids but … Read more

17 tips on “How to boost a child’s confidence?”

How to boost a child's confidence

Carl Pickhardt, a psychologist says that a kid who lacks confidence will find it hard to try new things because of fear of failure. This thinking of your child can result in slow skill development growth and less critical thinking. With that being said, it’s crucial to raise a confident child because the confident child … Read more