10 ways to enjoy being a parent in today’s tech-driven world

It’s no surprise that today’s world is teeming with ways to entertain and distract us. Kids are often the most susceptible to these temptations, whether it be social media or video games.

But what if you could have a playful, connected relationship with your kids even in the midst of all this distraction? What if you could use technology as an opportunity rather than a threat? In other words, how can you enjoy being a parent in today’s tech-driven world? Read on for ways to make parenting more fun and less stressful–without sacrificing any quality time!

Key 1: Be an opportunist for connection

When your children are playing a video game, try to be observant — what do they like about it? What makes them laugh? These are ways you can connect with them. Try asking questions that encourage conversation and help you get to know them better. You’ll be amazed at how much energy this will save, allowing you to spend more time doing other things that matter in your life!

Key 2: Be their biggest fan

As parents, many of us worry too much about the little things that don’t really matter in the long run. Sure, let’s not give our kids everything they want without thinking — but on the other hand, telling our kids “no” all the time can crush their spirits. Instead, let’s focus on the ways we can support our children. Encouraging them always makes a huge difference in making kids feel good about themselves — and helping to build up self-esteem is one of the most important things parents can do!

Key 3: Say “yes” for new experiences

The world is your oyster — and if you’ve got kids, it’s also theirs. Life is full of opportunities to try new things, and with kids you have the perfect excuse to take advantage of these opportunities. As long as what you’re doing is safe (and legal!), there are ways for you to get out of your comfort zone with your children — from taking cooking classes together or going bike riding at a county park.

Key 4: Let them pitch in

Having kids around the house means that you have, well, a house full of stuff. And this stuff accumulates quickly if you’re not vigilant about picking up after yourself and keeping things neat! Kids can be a great source of help for these small tasks — why not let them offer to help out with simple ways like folding clothes or putting toys away? Not only will they feel more involved and helpful to the family, but it’s fun for them too!

Key 5: Give them opportunities to express themselves

One of the ways kids learn how to deal with their emotions is by playing out feelings through play. One way to facilitate this process is by providing ways for children to create something with their hands — for example, making a scrapbook or drawing and coloring a picture. This allows them to flex their creative muscles, which helps make them feel more confident about themselves as well as letting off some steam!

Key 6: Be present in the moment

While you may be eager to check your email (or Facebook!) while spending time with kids, try to stay focused on what they’re doing right now. If they are playing an oboe piece for you, listen attentively! Or if they happen to want hugs and kisses from you during the day, give them your full attention! There’s something magical about being fully present with someone else — it can help us feel closer. Remembering this can help put things into perspective so that parenting doesn’t seem so daunting.

Key 7: Let them help you

There is no one better for your kids to learn ways to be a good parent from than you! So let your children see how you do things — like making dinner or setting up the house for a party. And if they’re old enough, try involving them in ways that make sense, like helping with laundry or other chores! Kids will have an amazing time feeling like they are contributing and looking after their family as well as developing skills that may prove useful later on in life.

Key 8: Have holiday traditions

Nothing says “family” more than a holiday tradition — but so often holidays can be stressful for us as parents because of all the extra stuff we have to do. The good thing is that you can create ways for your kids to be involved in holiday experiences without a lot of extra work for you! For example, read the Christmas story together each night before going to bed (or make it into a fun game with funny voices). Or if you’re having friends over for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, including the children in ways like “helping” carve the turkey.

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Key 9: Laugh together

Laughter is vital in keeping our family connected — so find ways to share laughter and happiness with your offspring, whether it’s silly games or coming up with crazy rhymes about them. You can also offer an affectionate touch as a way of saying “I love you!” In doing this, you’ll be opening ways for your kids to open up as well.

Key 10: Show them ways to take care of themselves and others

Another important lesson children learn is what it means to be kind and helpful, ways which are fairly self-explanatory! But sometimes parents can overlook ways for their kids to contribute — so try giving them simple ways like feeding the dog or watering plants. It’s also a bonus if they’re helping animals, since we know how great animal lovers our readers are! Letting your children participate in helping people gives them ways to show kindness and generosity but also helps build another vital skill of compassion that will serve them well as they get older.

Key 11: Be friendly (even when you don’t feel like it!)

Sometimes when we’re having a rough day, we can forget how easy it is to be nice. And one of the ways kids get into trouble is by seeing us (or their teachers, coaches, and other authority figures) as being grouchy or mean! Instead, offer ways for your children to see that you can work things out in ways that are positive with others — saying hello to neighbors, offering a smile to someone at work, etc. Remembering ways for your child to see you being friendly will help them learn ways of dealing positively with people too.

Key 12: Teach them ways for dealing with anger and frustration

Anger can erupt from our kids in ways that are difficult even for parents so imagine how they feel! So ways to help your kids manage anger can be a very good skill. Ways for dealing with anger and frustration may include ways such as taking some time-out, playing ways to relieve stress (like going for a walk or listening to music), talking about what’s bothering you, and ways for helping you to cope with ways that aggravate you so that it doesn’t build up into something even bigger.

Key 13: Don’t let technology take over their world

It’s normal for children today (and adults!) to get caught up in the world of social media — but instead ways for them to enjoy real interactions is more important than ever before. So encourage ways of spending quality time together using face-to-face ways, ways to connect with nature (instead of a screen), ways for sharing special moments (with photos!), ways to help your children’s imagination develop, and ways for organizing family fun.

Key 14: Let them be involved in ways that are meaningful to them

In many ways it’s important for our children to see ways that they’re involved in the big stuff around them because it gives them ways of seeing their place in the world being a part of something bigger than themselves. This is why ways like having opportunities for service, getting involved in enjoyable hobbies, and participating in activities you enjoy as well are great ways to help kids find meaning while building new relationships.

Key 15: Connect over shared memories from times gone by

To learn ways of looking forward, ways for kids to connect with family ways are important. This means ways of creating and sharing ways that reflect our values as well ways for having experiences to share (even if they’re not perfect!). These shared memories are ways to help children feel connected and can even work wonders if you have a child who’s struggling in school or feeling lonely.

Key 16: Speak positively about their uniqueness

We all want our children to be happy people but many try to fit them into the same ways that we were brought up — which may prove harmful instead of helpful! So find ways to encourage your kids’ positive development by speaking positively about their uniqueness and ways they can explore what makes them special. Encourage ways on how they can embrace ways that are different and ways for them to find ways of fulfilling their purpose (even if they feel they’re not doing very well in school).

Key 17: Take the time to slow down!

In today’s world it’s easy for us to rush around trying to get things done — but ways for our good health and ways we can be happy is often missing when we do this. So ways to slow down with your kids, including ways like getting up early enough so you have plenty of time together each day, ways for building a family ritual or tradition, ways for enjoying quiet versus noisy times (like driving with music instead of chatting), and ways for sharing dinner as a family without rushing too much are great ways to help your children develop ways to slow down too!

Key 18: Spend ways with them you’ll both enjoy

Sometimes ways of connecting with our children can be tough, but ways for enjoying quality time together is important. Ways that parents can do this include ways for using your imagination, ways of being playful and silly together, ways to encourage new experiences (like going on a walk in the woods), ways to help kids see how other ways are unique, and ways being grateful for their presence in your life.

Key 19: Let them know they’re loved every day

Children need to feel loved so it’s important for us as parents to let them know we care about them as often as we can. So tell them how much you love them everyday and find ways for ways to show them ways. Ways of showing your kids your love includes ways like ways for thankfulness, ways for listening while they talk about ways they’re feeling or things on their mind, ways to give them hugs and other physical affection (even when it’s not easy!), ways for being patient with them (despite the way you may feel), ways by spelling out words “I love you”, and so much more!

Key 20: Make sure they know how fantastic they are…

It’s important that we make our children feel good about themselves because this will help them become happier people. So be ready to let them know what makes each one of your children special — find ways to praise these qualities in a non-judgmental way! ways for doing this include ways like ways of telling stories that show them in a positive light, ways to say how terrific they are (“I love it when you __________”), ways for introspection that help them examine their sense of self-worth, and ways to affirm their perception about themselves.

Key 21: Participate in enriching family traditions

Learning ways is important but so is having fun! And one way parents can do this with their children is by participating in enriching family traditions. Ways for creating these include ways such as ways for finding new hobbies together (these don’t have to be expensive!), ways that make use of our natural surroundings, ways like watching movies or eating meals together, and ways including time spent playing board games, ways of cooking food together (which can be done in ways they enjoy), ways for building a creative space for your child to explore and create, ways that help them explore ways of showing love to others, and ways for being grateful for every day.

Key 22: Look forward to celebrating their successes

There are ways we need our children to succeed but there are also ways we need it because this will help them work toward what makes them happy. So find ways for you and your family to celebrate their successes — even if they’re small! These include ways like ways of recognizing accomplishments (like giving high fives or hugs when things go well!), ways acknowledging how proud you are in them, ways putting effort into helping them learn new skills and ways for believing in them.

Key 23: Accept your child’s ways and ways

It’s important that we accept how our children are ways to help them be happy in their own ways. But it can sometimes be difficult, especially when they’re not following the ways we want them to do so! So ways of accepting your child the way they are includes ways such as finding little things you like about them (because there will always ways something), ways avoiding criticizing them (whether their behavior or who they are), and ways for honoring what makes each one of your children unique. And even if they don’t share all of your values, let go of having to control how they turn out so you can enjoy every step along the way!

Key 24: Show them ways to find ways

Just as you’re ways to showing children ways of being happy, they need ways for finding ways for being happy. So make ways by helping your child explore ways that can help them feel good about themselves and the world around them. Ways of doing this include ways like taking quiet time each day, practicing playfulness (because it’s fun!), ways for using their imagination (which allows them to be creative and see new possibilities), ways remember how loved they are, and ways working on things that matter to them — even if these don’t coincide with your own way of doing things!

Key 25: Remember what makes you smile in life…

Finally — in order to enjoy every moment we have with our children, ways to remember what makes you smile in life. Considering ways for this can include ways like ways of spending time with people we love, ways appreciating the beauty of nature and ways finding creative ways to spend time doing what we enjoy!

Of course, making ways our children feel happy doesn’t happen all on its own. We need to make ways by doing things that will help them feel good and enrich their lives (including ours!). And one way for adding joy in their lives is by finding ways to do those things more often so they know just how much you care about them. So find ways for showing your kids what brings happiness into your own life.


It’s not easy being a parent in today’s tech-driven world. From screen time limits to online bullying, there are many ways that your child can be threatened by the digital age. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect and enjoy this phase of life with your children. These 25 ways can help you find some balance between enjoying parenthood and keeping up with modern technology without sacrificing one for the other!

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